1. NGUZO will only attend to deaths of those registered as members and the children registered under their parents
  2. The death of a member should be verifiable
  3. Pictured ID (driver’s license, Passport, Student ID) MUST be presented along with any of the other of the three listed documents below
    • Medical Certificate of Death given by the doctor or the Coroner
    • The Statement of Death
    • Burial Permit
    • Death Certificate
  4. Confirmation of Travel for those who die outside of Canada
    • NGUZO members that happened to die outside Canada MUST be able to show NGUZO a proof that they were going to be able to re-enter Canada for the death to be covered
    • NGUZO will accept the following documents as proof of your ability to re-enter Canada
      • permanent resident card (both sides)
      • record of landing (IMM 1000) (only if you didn’t get a PR Card)
      • confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292 or IMM 5688)
      • Canadian Citizenship Certificate or Card (both sides)
      • Canadian birth certificate
      • Canadian passport (pages showing passport number, date of issue and expiration, photo, name, surname, place and date of birth)
nguzo payout
  1. In the event of the death of a NGUZO adult member, $25 of each NGUZO member Commitment money will be paid to the deceased member named beneficiary(ies)
  2. In the event of the death of a registered child of a NGUZO member, $15 of each NGUZO member Commitment money will be paid to the designated member parent.
    • Only one nominated member parent will receive the payout benefit
  3. The listed beneficiary or beneficiaries will receive the pooled funds within 72 hrs from the time the death is verified (please refer to point 4.b and 4.c)
  4. NGUZO members will have 30 days to send in $25 (OR $15 in the event of the death of a child of a member) to top-up their Commitment money to $50, i.e., by refunding the $25 or $15 used towards the payout made to the beneficiary(ies) of a deceased member or member child.
    • If the top-up money is not received after 30 days, a member will automatically be withdrawn from NGUZO membership. All contributions are non-refundable and, therefore, no refund of any portion of unused or used funds.
  5. Enrolling back will require the interested member to start the registration process again
  6. The expected contribution to be given to any NGUZO member will depend on the number of NGUZO registered members at the time the death occurs.
  7. NGUZO’s maximum payout is currently proposed to be $10,000
  8. NGUZO is not responsible for the full cost associated with funerals and or burials
  9. The more members NGUZO register, the lesser will be the top-up fees each member would pay