About Us

Nguzo is a self-help association for Tanzanian diaspora residing in Canada. The association helps its members to cope with the urgent and high costs of funerals and burials when death strikes one of their own.

NGUZO’s mission is to help members pre-plan for their funerals and burials to help pay for a funeral (i.e., cremation in Canada or transportation to Tanzania, etc.) so that the deceased can be handled with respect and dignity at the burial site of their choice.

NGUZO About Us

The mission of NGUZO is, therefore:

  • Help NGUZO members plan ahead for their funerals in order to alleviate some or all associated costs (i.e. transportation, embalming, burial and or cremation costs).
  • To create an organized way of securing funds from all interested members, in a financial account, from which money will be withdrawn and given to a member beneficiary or beneficiaries promptly upon the death of a member

This scheme is not a replacement for other personal arrangements such as life insurance or personal savings. Members are still encouraged to seek those mechanisms to ensure their family is cared for upon their loved one’s death.

Current Executive Committee

The following NGUZO members were elected by the Annual General
Meeting held on May 21, 2021, to hold the leadership positions for 3
years until 2024.


Dr. Donatus Mutasingwa


Mr. Esmail Manambi
Membership Officer

Fatma Khalid

Ms. Fatma Khalid


Mr. Khalfan Abdullah Said
Membership Officer


Ms. Joan Teri
Executive Secretary

Joyce Lusunike

Ms. Joyce Lusunike
IT &Technical Support


Ms. Levina Kahumba


Ms. Nsiande Lema

Sarah Chuma

Ms. Sarah Chuma
Outreach and Communication Officer


Mr. Shabani Mbandu
Deputy Treasurer