NGUZO members must be:

  1. Residents of Canada
  2. Aged 21 years or older
    • Those under 21 are required to be registered under a parent/guardian who is a member
    • Those under 21 living independently can register as adults
  3. Tanzanians by origin/ancestry i.e.
    • Both parents are Tanzanians by origin or ancestry
    • One parent is a Tanzanian by origin/ancestry
    • One grandparent is a Tanzanian by origin/ancestry
    • Either spouse has a Tanzanian origin/ancestry
    • An adopted child of a Tanzanian
  4. Tanzanians by naturalization
  5. From all gender, religious and political affiliations.
NGUZO Membership

Enrollment Process

Nguzo Membership

During Waiting Time

Members will not pay any top-up fee per incident or receive any benefit from NGUZO in case of a death

Relocating Members Within Canada

Members relocating permanently to other Provinces may wish to continue being NGUZO member as long as they continue fulfilling their memberships requirements.

Relocating Members Outside Canada

NGUZO members relocating to other countries for more than 6 months will not be covered, and their membership will be automatically withdrawn


NGUZO members are required to identify at least one beneficiary on the registration application

Updating Information

Members are required to notify NGUZO and update their information within thirty (30) days of any changes