Nguzo is a self-help association for Tanzanian diaspora residing in Canada. The association helps its members to cope with the urgent and high costs of funerals and burials when death strikes one of their own.

NGUZO Mission

NGUZO’s mission is to reinvent the process from the front end to enable members to pre-plan their funerals, burials, or cremation in Canada or transportation of their remains to Tanzania and, therefore, defray the unexpected and usually high costs. As a result, we will, together, ensure that the deceased can be handled with respect and dignity at the burial site of their choice.

Why should I join?

NGUZO is a voluntary local self-help association with a core commitment to helping Tanzanian Diaspora in Canada manage and cope with the urgent and usually high costs of funerals and burials (or cremation) when a family member dies.

In Canada, for many years and several occasions, the Tanzanian Diaspora has been financially burdened following the demise of a fellow community member or a close member of their family.

Whenever such an unfortunate event has occurred, community members have had to organize immediate meetings (face to face or electronically) to raise funds towards the associated funeral, burial, or cremation costs.

Frequently, it has been a frustrating and challenging process due to the unavailability of immediate funds to withdraw from to cover the funeral, burial, or cremation costs or, in some of our cases, transportation of the body to Tanzania. Costs involved are such as:


NGUZO News/Events

Top Up Fee

Top Up – Following NGUZO Payout

All NGUZO adult members are requested to send in TOP-UP money a total of $25 by Interact E-transfer to on or before April 07, 2024.


NGUZO In-person Open House – March 2, 2024.

Date: Saturday March 2, 2024 Time: 4.00 PM to 8.00PM Location:  34 little Norway Crescent Hall, Toronto,  M5V3A3, Ontario.