Enrollment Process

  1. To become a NGUZO member, one is required to register by submitting their application and a $50 membership Commitment fee (NGUZO deposit) to the email address nguzoyawatanzania@gmail.com
  2. NGUZO members who are parents with children under 21 years of age are required to register their children and pay a ONETIME Fee of $20 per child at the time of submitting their application. All the other membership guidelines shall be followed (except for the Commitment fees)
    • NGUZO members registering their children under 21 years old must provide proof of childbirth certificate and or legal guardianship documents at the time of registration
  3. All NGUZO members will have to go through a mandatory NINETY-DAYS (90) WAITING PERIOD before they can receive any benefits, should anything happen to them during that waiting period. The waiting time will start after the application, and all required fees are received at the bank. Please refer to the registration process, as illustrated in the Figure below.
  1. During the WAITING PERIOD, a member will not be required to pay any top-up fee per incident or receive any benefit from NGUZO in case of a death
  2. Every NGUZO member must reside in Ontario. Members who relocate permanently to any other province in Canada may continue being members if they continue fulfilling their membership requirements
  3. NGUZO members relocating to other countries permanently will not be covered, and their membership will be automatically withdrawn
  4. NGUZO members are required to identify their beneficiaries on the registration application
  5. NGUZO members are encouraged to have more than one adult beneficiary
    • A primary beneficiary who will receive NGUZO pay out money in the event of a death, and
    • A contingent beneficiary who will receive NGUZO pay out money in the event the primary beneficiary is unavailable.
  6. All registered NGUZO members will be issued a membership registration number sent to them via the email they provided during the registration process
  7. Members are required to notify NGUZO and update their information within 30 days of any changes (i.e., Relocation of a member, change of family composition such as the birth of a child, removal of a child who has attained the age of 21 and thus qualifies for individual membership OR changes of the beneficiary or beneficiaries. A member will submit the changes by filing a change of information form and email it to nguzoyawatanzania@gmail.com